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Do you read the key words of the 2015 audio and lighting industry?(ONE)
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On March 5, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government at the National People's Congress. Do not think the government work report "tall", do not understand, in fact, the report mentioned a lot of content will be a profound impact on the future development of audio lighting industry. Today, for everyone to explain the 2015 government work report, and audio and lighting industry is closely related to a few key words.

Key words 1: Internet

    Content: Develop "Internet +" action plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, large data, Internet of Things and modern manufacturing industry, a substantial increase in broadband network speed, the development of logistics courier, the Internet as the carrier, online and offline interaction emerging consumption made a booming fire.

Interpretation:  This is the concept of "Internet +" first appeared in the government work report, for the audio lighting industry, we will enter an era of all things connected, that is, professional audio lighting marketing is no longer a single product, but system solutions, in order to meet  the personalized needs of users, professional audio and light industry will be cross-border, through mutual penetration, mutual integration process, into a new era of audio-visual.

In addition, the Internet economy for the first time into the top of the national economy design, I believe there will be more and more professional audio lighting companies try to electricity business model, when these enterprises know clearly the professional audio lighting product Internet marketing operating mode,in the next few years , the sound lighting industry or will enter the era of full reshuffle, the strong may be stronger, the weak is bound to be eliminated, some solid foundation of small and medium enterprises or distributors as long as the opportunity to seize the opportunity or breakthrough, it is possible to achieve "Corner Overtaking” , leapt to the front line.

From: Forelite Lighting

Keywords:Internet +,audio and lighting industry,forelite lighting

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