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Do you read the key words of the 2015 audio and lighting industry?(THREE)
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On March 5, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government at the National People's Congress. Do not think the government work report "tall", do not understand, in fact, the report mentioned a lot of content will be a profound impact on the future development of audio lighting industry. Today, for everyone to explain the 2015 government work report, and audio and lighting industry is closely related to a few key words.

Key words 3: Made in China

Content: On the transformation of industrial structure, the government work report pointed out that the implementation of "Made in China 2025", to speed up the transformation from manufacturing power to manufacturing power.

Interpretation: "Made in China 2025" means that the government will promote the industrialization and information of the depth of integration, development and utilization of network, digital, intelligent technology, focus on some key areas to seize the initiative, a breakthrough.

Had read an article, which has a paragraph of the text to introduce the Chinese manufacturing industry, that is very appropriate: the troubled manufacturers, rather than resort to the outside, to the strange battlefield to find the luck, it is better to seek a breakthrough, in the familiar industry, stand your ground, and strive to technical innovation, achieve the breakthrough from quantity to quality, that is the last one kilometer made in China.


From quantity expansion to qualitative breakthrough, this sentence is also absolutely applicable to the future development of China's professional audio lighting brand road.



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